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Success Stories 'On behalf of myself, my purchasing staff, Northrop and NASA, I would like to once again thank you for the outstanding support you have provided us over the years. It has been an extreme pleasure working with you.'
— J.R. Campbell, Director, Logistics
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Gaskets, Seals, & Gasket Kits

  Part No. Product Name Order Qty Option Price
230625 Late Governor Gasket (with stainless steel screen) Fits All (except 985) $17.25 Each
121839 Push Rod Tube Seal Fits All $1.50 Each
121839S Split Push Rod Tube Seal - to replace w/out removal of push rod Fits All $2.50 Each
14096 Push Rod Tube Packing Fits All $1.00 Each
various Thick Rocker Box cover Gasket (Non-leaking) R985 p/n 90560 $1.50 Each
R1340 p/n 88962 $1.50 Each
R1830 p/n 88962 $1.50 Each
R2000 p/n 88962 $1.50 Each
N/A Cylinder Change Gasket & Seal Set (For 1 cylinder) 985 $11.00 Each
1340 $11.00 Each
N/A Complete Engine Major Overhaul Gasket Kit R985 $215.00 Each
R1340 $215.00 Each
N/A No Blow Exhaust Gaskets - Titanium with special nuts - Set of 9 985 only $410.00 Set
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